Max Shagaev

MaximA brilliant musician and talented artist, who came to the stage in the 21st century.

He appeared as accordion player of a new generation. Each intoned note of the various stages on the world by him is a part of the heart of his generous soul; reflecting love and respect to the people. With the voice of the accordion he tells his feelings and thoughts, carries beauty and goodness in the world and will always remain faithful to his chosen path that brought him to the temple of music.

As human being and as musician Max Shagaev managed to preserve his honour; thanks to the old world and the most important wisdom – always be in harmony with the human code of honour and harmony of living with the God-given gift.

The future musician was born in Moscow, but he spent the first years of life on the banks of the Neva River in St. Petersburg "in the land of romance and collected increased dreams". In 1986 he joined the Moscow Special School on "Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory", first in the preparatory class in the field of piano. In 1987 he was formally adopted at the school, but then in the field accordion (Bojan). In parallel, he continued his education at the piano. But after the 7th grade, he realized that he wasn’t able to hold up with the students who specialized itself on the piano inferior. But the training at the music school was characterized by the drive to the competition "Mlad musician" in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), where he was one of the winners.

At the age of 12 he had his first tour in Germany: Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Dresden were the first major stations.

At the age of 15 he was accepted into the class of the legendary teacher and artist Alexander Dmitriev. He is one of the most famous names and way of most accordion players in the world. In the following years Max took classes only with him.

He then became the laureate of several competitions: International Andreev Competition - two time winner: respectively a first and a third place. In 1997 he was awarded the first prize at the "Grand Prix France" near Strasbourg. In 1998 he won first place and two additional prizes in the competition "Castelfidardo" in Italy. This is one of the most famous and most difficult competitions in the world.

1998 Max finished the special school in the Conservatory and the results of the final examinations, he was accepted immediately without entrance examinations at the Conservatory in St. Petersburg. In parallel with accordion he began to conduct.

In 2003, a month before the final exams, Max revised songs of the famous Russian composer Sergei Trofimov. Max also took over conducting the St. Petersburg State Orchestra at his concert.

In 2003 he finished the Conservatory with the red diploma (with distinction).

In 2003 he began to travel regularly to Berlin. He was accepted at the UDK.

Since 2008, he appears regularly on the big and small stages in Europe. The geography of his tours is very extensive. Fine, but not brash, skill and of course the fabulous treasure of the dynamic and colourful shades - that's what most attracts you to the play of Max Shagaev. Max can for a single moment the plastic form of disregard: nice and successively he emphasizes the structural details; excellency colours the main line of the melody with rich decorations and developed it as to fine ornaments.

Germany, Switzerland, Poland, France, Netherlands applauded the young accordion player's talent.

Among the most exciting of his concerts include live performance in ARD in a duet with Ina Müller (presenter of many programs among others the ESC in Germany) at the ECHO. This was the 20th anniversary show, where he had the opportunity to perform with such stars such as Take That, Hurts, Rammstein and other well-known groups.

A live appearance on the show "autumn festival of surprises" with Florian Silbereisen in the program of ARD and MDR were part of the highlights. For Max, the work was with such collectives is very tedious, but also very exciting and really of artistic value, whilst he was surrounded by like-minded people, who were not only interested in doing a show, but participate also in the performance of the virtuoso and improviser. Dozens of pieces and arrangements, performances of famous musicians in Europe and the world's best orchestras and popular bands - are a legitimate result of incredibly hard work and artistic activities of the virtuoso. Wonderful melodies, beautiful arrangements and the accordion player Max Shagaev outstanding performances are the basis of his art. It can go all through his soul, lived through emotional everything he plays on his wondrous instrument and people respond to him with genuine affection. That`s why leading philharmonic societies and concert halls of Germany have him open the doors - for example the Berlin Philharmonic - Flamenco with Celia Rojas; Munich Philharmonie "Gasteig" - with Cosmo (Jacques Brel song) Sende Saal Bremen - Solo concert with Friederike Meinel - mezzo-soprano and Martin Hilmer - glass instruments . Guest performances at the Ernst-Reuter Hall Berlin, the Old National Gallery in Berlin and at the CeBit trade fair Hannover complete the list of his achievements.

Max finds that an artist can not make two identical concerts, so his stage performances are often recorded as free improvisations that reflect in the whole arsenal of expressive emotions. The captivating power of Max is also the fact that his style of appearance and his unforgettable smile, in the audience wake bright, pure feelings. The most important thing in the world is the music for Max. This is his first love and his childhood passion for the accordion became a symbol of his life. Just the music, especially classical music, jazz, ethnic he entrusts all his secrets to her, he says, as in times of joy, so even in times of sorrow. He loves life in all its manifestations and loves everything Professional.