Andrej Ur

AndrejA violinist who plays with talent to create supreme technology with wonderful melodies to connect. The soulful improvisations by Andrej are able to move even the inexperienced listeners. His violin is like a living being. She talks with them and sometimes she is sad and crying; but often she laughs with her master, sensitive receiving his whims. Andrej Ur one of the few musicians, who can be seen already in the first chords.

Andrej was born in Ukraine - in an international family, father from Hungary, mother Russian. At the age of 6 years he started in the class of the famous teacher Izrael Berger to learn the violin, which he was able to connect the school with the exercises on his favourite instrument.

In 1976 he entered the musical college in the violin class of Ekaterina Tomaschenwkaja, where he studied for 5 years. With appearances in local groups Andrej got the attention by his beautiful play and great fantasy.

By the end of the 60`s his family moved from Ukraine to the Caucasus. With the move Andrej delves into the multi-nationality of the former USSR and European culture, and it succeed in establishing sensitively different musical styles and directions. After Complete ending of the music colleges in 1981 Andrej`s began cooperation with the Ukrainian Philharmonic Orchestra and continues his artistic training. After one year he continued his studies at the Leningrad Conservatory. In the Conservatory Andrey`s teachers were wonderful musicians; they brought the young man in all the secrets of this wonderful instrument. Among them were such quantities of old violin school as Igor Saschin, Gallij Afanasiew, Tatiana Zaozernaja. Andrey graduated with outstanding graduating result in 1989. Deepened in the following years and refined Andrej his own style of playing the violin. He works actively with mass media; he is also principal concertmaster of the theatre and the first violin in the Philharmonic Hall in Zaporozhye.

In 2000, Andrei leaves the post-Soviet widths and ventures as a freelance artist his artistic renewal in Berlin. Now Andrej occurs often in the Berlin Philharmonie Orchestra and various guest roles through Europe.

The violinist Andrej Ur constitutes its active position. "I want to play the way I feel," he says. He really plays as if he merges completely with the violin; as if man and his musical instrument form an inseparable unit. His concerts delight you with the quality of his game. The Voice of the Violin by Andrei stands out with tension and depth; it sparkles with all the colours that can be elicited only the instrument. You think no one can elicit from a simple violin such a firework of colours, as it can Andrej. One has the impression, Andrei was born with a violin in his hand. His musical art seems to be pressed into a power node. Each piece in its execution seems alive.

Active Internships have strongly influenced his technique; they honed and refined his style. As a quality criterion all of his performances the feedback of his audience is the musicians serving. "The finest, most precise measuring instrument that shows in what form, in which artistic make the artist in the moment on stage is ". "Better than the everyday life - stressed the artist - nothing can so the artist correct in its Arts". And further saith Ur about the goal of his performances "I want the audience to the maximum mental awakening and the full aesthetic satisfaction gained, I even feel when I perform on stage". Can you make a more precise statement about the purpose of the presentation?