Elena Janzen

Elenabelongs to the best and most talented journalists as well as creative people of our time, who piped up voicefully over the last 20 years.

Her intense relation to the topic, her academic view (in the truest meaning of the word), her intelligent manner and disciplined inner emotionality plus her unimpeachable sense of the instrument (words, gestures, emotions) determine her performance style.

She is not only a journalist, but an inspiring artist… . If you hear, see or read her work, you will understand the truth of the life philosophy: “The world created by a real creative person is a wonderful world of poetry and legends.“

Elena Janzen was born in Russia. She passed her degree at the academy with distinction. Moreover she successfully completed her studies at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

With high professional competence based on personal culture and the expansion of general and wide professional horizons Elena Janzen earned well-deserved recognition and reputation by her colleagues, journalists and artists all over the world: “Elegant and sensual.“