Daniela Reife

Danielaloves ballet and art with all her heart and emphasizes that for her every performance delivers new and unknown insights.
“The most important law for me is to be honest.“, says Daniela, who shows with her talent what a source of lively, emotional warmth art can become.
Every single one of Daniela’s performances is a magic moment. And how wonderful and special it is! Her performances blaze with an incredible palette of light and warmth that comes from the bottom of her soul.
Her kind of performance with her artistry and complete devotion to the music pulls the listeners on a magical path giving her the opportunity to enchant everybody.
Every one of her performance’s penetrates into the audience’s hearts, lets them cry and laugh, lets them have the time of their lives and makes them feel the joy as if music was a gate to another world. A world full of love and bliss. The freedom of her performance on stage, her instinctiveness and warmth while conveying very personal feelings and thoughts affects everybody in the audience. She takes the listeners to her special inner world, which is woven of sounds, feelings, thoughts and love for art. That is an artistic miracle.
Sometimes it seems as if her pure soul is directly connected by invisible fibers with her obedient fingers. Thereby her creativity flows effortlessly and freely producing notes that seem to arise from leaves, blooming flowers, bees, fresh air and fountains.