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The past century has left many musical masterpieces that delight us to this day and shake with their fineness, the world feeling and grandeur of emotions worldwide. These musical treasures, regardless of the diversity of linguistic expression, the countries in which it was created, say about General Humanlike: by sentimental joy of knowledge of the world, the flowering of individuality up to the loneliness, the pain of loss, ultimately incomprehension.

The language of music, as well as the diversity of human emotions is international. With every appearance on stage, convince us that talented young musicians of the JMP team in this truth. Regardless of the beginning of her artistic career; the individuality of the artists is unique and remains in the memory, mainly through their individual superb artistry of the play, the Feeling is not repeatable, in their tonal color, sounds and of course by careful handling of the musical fountainhead. These musicians go with right into the star galaxy of outstanding musicians of today. Their unique gifted playback, combining intelligence, internal culture with professionalism make each performance of the artists on stage into a real celebration of art, a source of positive energy and an important event, as it is always desired by the people with taste.

About such an unusual potential possessing, I am convinced that this outstanding artists in the future will fill the ranks of its audience not only in Europe, but also far beyond its borders. And many international and prestigious venues will welcome them as friends, because the music has no boundaries.

These musicians represent a new type of universal musicians-professionals, whose artistic endeavor is well beyond the scope of the academic education. Whether baroque or classical, romantic and the 20s, tango or country, jazz or ethnic or Ultra-modern, all these directions are perfected intensively in the artistic skills. These musicians belong rightfully to the elite of today's outstanding musicians of modern art.

Max Shagaev for example is the only candidate for the Guinness Book of Records for the speed of execution tremolos on the Bayan. Whether, in its design, it can be "Winter" from Vivaldi or "Figaro" by Rossini: concert halls literally will explode with applause, "Bravo" shouts and standing Ovation. It should also be mentioned here that the CDs of Max in stores in Europe can be found at the top three places.

Andrej Ur is simply unique. He comes from a family where all the men for several generations playing the violin. But they always play only on a single violin. And what a wonderful exemplar! This violin is a gift from the Great Gvarneri to one of the ancestors of the family. The craftsman, one of the best students of Amatti was so enraptured by the wonderful play of the violinist that he gave him one of his violins. This instrument is distinguished by a divine sound and the family Ur developed over many generations a unique technique of violin playing on the violin by Gvarneri. The secret of this enchanting sounds is a family secret and is inherited from generation to generation on the descendants, one of whom also Andrej Ur is.

Unique talent of execution, the mixture of intelligence and internal culture with professionalism make each performance of the musicians on stage to a real celebration of art, to a source of positive energy and an important event, as there will always be demanded by people with good taste.
With such a high potential, I think they are excellent musicians multiply the numbers of its audience not only in Europe but also beyond its borders. And many beautiful concert halls are hospitable open their doors, because the music has no boundaries.

Elena Janzen

Managing Director

Organization of colorful musical events and concerts
support of talented musicians in the search for the target audience
production and distribution of musical recordings (CD / DVD)
advertising activity